StellaSpark provides tools and services that enable efficient planning, operation and maintenance of the natural and built environment.

Our products & services

StellaSpark Nexus

Nexus is an online platform that provides governments, NGOs, utilities and consultants with a digital twin of the natural and built environment, using real-time connections with public and private data sources. Calculation models can easily be connected to the platform to enable continuous analysis of the integrated data. With Nexus, organizations can detect and monitor changes in the physical environment, perform operational forecasting, share data with partner organizations, evaluate spatial policies and schedule data-driven maintenance.


Data engineering

StellaSpark helps organizations with integration and analysis of their data about the natural and built environment. We have experience with timeseries and geospatial data in nearly all common data formats, exchange protocols and storage systems. As such, we develop processing pipelines, machine learning models, optimization methods and dashboards that support infrastructure asset management, hydrology, energy, traffic and urban planning.

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Spatial Insight and StellaSpark become strategic partners
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