StellaSpark provides a range of services on harnessing data for improving the natural and built environment. We can help with questions related to asset management, hydrology, urban governance, infrastructure management, traffic and urban planning. We speak the language of data scientists, as well as that of domain experts.

Data preprocessing and integration

Data fusion is the core expertise of StellaSpark. By integrating multiple data sources from inside and outside an organization, it is often possible to build better prediction models and a more complete picture of a situation.

Our data engineers know how to handle and integrate timeseries and geospatial data, combine data on infrastructure assets with socio-economical statistics and cleanup data sources prior to further analysis.

Data analysis

StellaSpark applies machine learning and statistical analysis to problems in the natural en built environment. We believe in domain knowledge when it comes to judgement of model quality and selection of relevant data sources. It is in the nature of people to want to understand how predictions are made and how systems work. Complementing algorithms with interactive data visualizations is therefore another key part of our work.

Nexus services

We also offer complementary training and consulting services related to our Nexus open digital twin platform:

  • On the job training for new Nexus users.
  • Locating valuable data sources within and outside client organizations and linking those to Nexus.
  • Development of custom plugins for tailor-made solutions.