Key features

A modern organization achieves great operational efficiency by using data to take the right decisions at the right moment. StellaSpark Nexus is the backbone infrastructure that helps to connect data sources from outside and within an organization, allowing true data-driven governance.



There is no need for installation of Nexus, as it is directly available through your web browser. Nexus works on laptop, tablet and mobile. The latest updates are always applied automatically.

Data connections

Nexus connects to all common database systems, open data portals, public records databases, social media, domain-specific data management software and file formats. Data is continuously synchronized between the base data sources and Nexus. For a user, it is transparent which original data sources are used, and when the information was last updated.

Connect to structured data like spreadsheets (CSV/Excel), data-oriented file formats (XML/JSON), geospatial data (KML, shapefiles, etc.),  open data portals, public data sources (BGT, BRT, BAG), web-API’s, enterprise database systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB) and enterprise applications. Connect to social media feeds (Twitter) or civic engagement apps (smart reporting).

Easy to use interface

Nexus is a product for everyone, from data specialists to field personnel to policy makers. Up-to-date information is presented on a map and trends over time are presented on a visually-oriented dashboard. Nexus organizes and combines all data by theme. The powerful mapviewer can show relevant metrics and statistics on various geographical levels, such as city, district or neighborhood level. Nexus can show asset locations, recent events and proximity to objects and neighborhood services.

Plugin ecosystem

Nexus features a plugin-ecosystem that allows third-party developers extend Nexus core functionality with specialized and custom tools. Examples of such plugins are flood simulations, open data portals for citizens, ecological assessment tools or traffic simulations. With the plugin ecosystem Nexus can be connected to existing tools and models. The plugin ecosystem also allows StellaSpark to deliver tailor-made solutions to customers, leveraging the underlying power of the Nexus Core platform.

Realtime data synchronisation

Data flows continuously from the data sources to Nexus. New measurements and dataset mutations are automatically pushed to the platform.

Support for governmental use

Nexus can display data in any national spatial reference system, using official public registrations as data source for underlying maps.

Sharing information with partners

Users can export data from Nexus to common geospatial formats (shp, kml) and share it with external consultants.

Open standards

Nexus is developed with open source frameworks and standards. The platform supports OGC data exchange formats and protocols, like GML and WFS.

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