Integrate existing data sources and take data-driven decisions about the natural and built environment

StellaSpark Nexus is a platform for governments and utilities that combines data from different sources, providing users with always up-to-date maps through a single secure web portal. Its advanced data harvesting and fusion capabilities enable intelligent infrastructure management, integrated policy analysis and evaluation, urban planning and stakeholder collaboration.

Use existing data sources

Governments and utilities have large amounts of data. This data typically resides in databases, spreadsheets, or in existing software applications, spread over different departments that each have their own scope (water, energy, sewage, transportation, health, education). The outside world can potentially provide even more data: citizens frequently report events and interruptions through social media and many organizations publish open data sources, like traffic information, meteorological data and neighbourhood statistics. Having all these separate data sources is fine for many use cases, but in a living environment that becomes more and more densely populated and where public health, safety, energy efficiency, citizen participation and financial efficiency are key requirements, there is an increasing need to combine all those different data sources and use them in an integrated way in order to take better decisions.

Connect and integrate data sources

StellaSpark can help to locate relevant data sources and connect them to the StellaSpark Nexus platform. After this one-time configuration, Nexus automatically synchronizes any new incoming data and transforms it for use in visual analysis, modelling, policy tracking and decision support.

Organize data into themes

Data in StellaSpark Nexus is arranged by themes that match with the organizational goals and responsibilities. Users can share their themes with colleagues and collaborate on them. A single theme shows all relevant information about a certain subject and can be used to track day-to-day changes in the living environment: infrastructure condition, traffic intensities, ambient noise levels, geolocated social media alerts, social-economical trends. All in real-time.

Start making data-driven decisions

With all data available in one central place, within one-click reach of any employee, everyone always has an up-to-date view of the current situation. Use StellaSpark Nexus in meetings to take decisions based on the latest information, explore trends in KPIs and see how much progress is made on different areas towards annual goals. Plug data-driven models and third party tools into Nexus to feed them with realtime information to predict how different subsystems respond to external influences.