A cockpit view on the entire water cycle

Nexus connects to existing data stores with asset data (Osisoft PI, InfoWorks, ArcGIS) to provide everybody in the organization with a central hub where they can find the up-to-date locations of wells, purification plants, pumps and pipelines. Anonymous customer contact and incident reports can be added (pipe leakage, water discoloration events), as well as scheduled pipe maintenance and replacement locations, asset condition statistics, office locations and geolocated social media feeds. Together with DMA-boundaries, this information provides a useful overview of daily business operations relevant to all employees. Nexus fuses the data together and presents everything in a neatly organized map viewer and dashboard.

Complete the picture

Nexus can also retrieve and integrate asset locations of other utilities operating in the supply area (telecom, energy, sewage) to further complete the picture. Official cadastral data can be added for municipal, provincial and parcel boundaries. Utilities extracting groundwater from nature conservation areas can use Nexus to connect to the data sources of forestry management organizations and show their drought indicators and groundwater levels measurements as well. Nexus can also harvest and display water quality measurements of water authorities, locations of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage systems (ATES). Finally, Nexus can harvest, geolocate and visualize social media feeds, which can be useful to discover and monitor illegal waste dumpings nearby water abstraction and purification sites. This complete picture of business operations helps with strategic decision making, risk control and future capacity planning.

Intelligent decision making

Protect sensitive data and share only the data that you allow to be shared with the outside world.

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